About us

Life Changer International is intended to help change the lives of people by breaking the chains that disable people from reaching their full spiritual potential.  We desire that “The ONE” walk toward God and let Him restore and renew a relationship with Himself---providing the adventure of a lifetime WITH HIM.

God is calling each of us to a new adventure that includes challenges, surprises, and experiences that show us that we were made for “such a time as this."  Life Changer will provide the ministry opportunities that will enhance your relationship with God both domestically and internationally.  We can help you in the planning of your logistics and leadership team with resources to make Jesus’ name “famous” through mission trips, retreats, conferences, training sessions, and written resources.

Stop spinning your wheels.  Get unstuck!  God is waiting for you to fulfill YOUR purpose.  He has made YOU to do and be what no one else can do or be!  There is only ONE of YOU!!!


Let’s move forward together.

Life Changer is all about “The ONE”....

The only thing that remains the same is change.

Let’s go change the world together - one person at a time -

the ONE that is in front of YOU!


God is calling YOU to a new adventure!

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Linda Vannoy-Castillo

Life Changer Consultant, Executive Director


Jesse Castillo

Chairman of the Board